Advocacy Tools

Advocacy Tools

Bill Tracker – a grid that keeps you on top of what’s happening with our bills in Olympia. Sometimes it has ideas for lobbying.

Legislative Roster – email address, phone numbers, committee assignments and legislative aides.

How To Be Effective in Townhall Meetings – a video. Thank you to the Environmental Priorities Coalition.

Budget Conference Tools – including how the budget process works.

Watch the legislature in action 


When watching the Senate in session you may hear them refer to the next order of business by a number with no explanation. Here’s a guide.

After the roll is called and journal read and approved, business shall be disposed of in the following order:

FIRST. Reports of standing committees.
SECOND. Reports of select committees.
THIRD. Messages from the governor and other state officers.
FOURTH. Messages from the house of representatives.
FIFTH. Introduction, first reading and reference of bills, joint memorials, joint resolutions and concurrent resolutions.
SIXTH. Second reading of bills.
SEVENTH. Third reading of bills.
EIGHTH. Presentation of petitions, memorials and floor resolutions.
NINTH. Presentation of motions.