Clean Transportation Bill Passes House Committee


On 01 February 2018, the House Environmental Committee passed HB 2328.  UU Voices testified in favor of this bill on 18 January. The bill adopts California’ vehicle emission standards, and requires manufacturers to target sales of Zero Emission Vehicles (think electric powered cars) to state residents.  California won a court case to set their own standards for emissions, and Washington can adopt those standards. This is an important step in creating the “green wall” along the West coast along with Oregon and California,

The Washington Senate Energy, Environment and Technology is sitting on Bill 6098 – the companion bill to House 2328.  Sen Ranker and Hunt are sponsors.  Carlyle, Chair (D)Palumbo, Vice Chair (D)EricksenBrownHawkinsHobbsMcCoyRankerSheldonWellman are on the committee.
Please contact Legislators to pass this legislation.  

Kelly Thompson