Senate Committee Approves Carbon Tax

The WA State Senate Energy, Environment, and Technology committee passed Bill 6203 on February 1, 2018.  This is a Carbon Pollution Tax requested by Gov Inslee.

The bill was heavily modified from the original, but does provide a starting point for further discussion in Ways and Means, and then perhaps out to the floor.  Many industries were effective in creating exemptions/carve outs/loop holes, but I guess that is just part of the process.
Could this be the “tidal shift” that will move us forward along with our West Coast neighbors?  I hope so.
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  • uuvoiceswa says

    According to the Seattle Times, “The legislation that moved Thursday [February 1.2018] would impose a $10-a-ton carbon tax — equivalent to about a 9-cent tax on a gallon of gasoline in 2019. It would climb each year by $2 a ton until it reaches a cap of $30 a ton.” This is less than the $20-a-ton tax proposed by the governor and would not escalate as high. It may be that the Senate Democrats think that a $10-a-ton tax would be more politically feasible. Stay tuned.

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