LFO Bill Advances – Action Needed

LFO: Legal Financial Obligations
After a day of hearing testimony from grieving moms, learned judges, and faith groups (including a Catholic Bishop and UU Voices and Justice not Jails) – the Senate Law and Justice Committee decided to schedule a vote on Bill 1783 for 15Feb.  This is hopeful, since the bill has already passed through the House this session.
Now is the time to contact your Senator.  Every call and eMail counts – especially if one of the Senators is from your district, to encourage this committee to pass this bill.
Use the links below to get more information on the Legal Financial Obligations.  Stop Washington’s Debtor Prisons.
Questions welcome.
Kelly Thompson
UU Voices for Justice

On Sat, Feb 3, 2018 at 12:07 AM, Kelly Thompson <kt2oly@gmail.com> wrote:

Pedersen, Jamie (D)
235 John A. Cherberg Building (360) 786-7628
Dhingra, Manka (D)
Vice Chair
239 John A. Cherberg Building (360) 786-7672
Padden, Mike (R)
Ranking Member
106 Irv Newhouse Building (360) 786-7606
Angel, Jan (R)
Assistant Ranking Member
203 Irv Newhouse Building (360) 786-7650
Darneille, Jeannie (D) 237 John A. Cherberg Building (360) 786-7652
Frockt, David (D) 227 John A. Cherberg Building (360) 786-7690
Wilson, Lynda (R) 110 Irv Newhouse Building (360) 786-7632
See link to article on LFOs below.
Now is our chance to move this reform bill forward.  It almost succeeded last year.  
Visit leg.wa.gov for more informatrion.  It is the operatror’s manual for Washington State government. 
It feels like the tide has changed in the legislature this year, and that Justice work may really show results. 

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