Hearing on Inslee’s Carbon Tax Bill, SGB 6203


Submitted on January 14, 2018 by William McPherson, board president.

The Senate Energy and Environment Committee, chaired by Reuven Carlyle, held a two-hour hearing on January 16, 2018, on the Governor Inslee’s Carbon Tax Bill, SGB 6203. After the staff reviewed details of the bill, Gov. Inslee testified about the broad implications of a carbon tax, particularly for the future of the state and the world. He emphasized its role in protection of our children and grandchildren, and its function in meeting the state’s legal requirements to reduce carbon emissions. Nearly twice as many – 32 – testified for the bill as against it – 18. Most of the negative comments were from business associations and fossil fuel firms. Among those testifying for the bill were two UUs – Gary Piazzon of Whidbey Island UU Congregation and Elizabeth Roderick of Olympia UU Church.

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