• UUs gathered on the Capitol steps in Olympia, fasting for climate action
    Lobbying the State for Effective Climate Policy

Advocacy that matches Unitarian Universalists’ Visionary Values

We maintain a Unitarian Universalist presence in the legislative process, educate to develop a politically informed network, and encourage Unitarian Universalists to reflect on and act on their religious values to promote a just and sustainable world.

We covenant to:

  • Engage UUs in justice work that is congruent with our principles, and that has broad based UU support;
  • Create means through which we may coordinate state congregational justice/advocacy with our national goals;
  • Establish working relationships between UU Voices and UU Justice Making Organizations;
  • Foster the spiritual foundation of justice ministry;
  • Share ideas, resources, materials and tools of education and worship;
  • Share leadership training opportunities;
  • Coordinate enhanced media visibility for UU values;
  • Implement the tools of e‐advocacy, and
  • Build a loving network of support.

Faith Action Network Lobby Day February 20

See https://fanwa.ourpowerbase.net/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=112 for details

2018 Legislative Session

See blog posts below for updates on the legislative session.