• UUs gathered on the Capitol steps in Olympia, fasting for climate action
    Lobbying the State for Effective Climate Policy

Advocacy that matches Unitarian Universalists’ Visionary Values

We maintain a Unitarian Universalist presence in the legislative process, educate to develop a politically informed network, and encourage Unitarian Universalists to reflect on and act on their religious values to promote a just and sustainable world.

We covenant to:

  • Engage UUs in justice work that is congruent with our principles, and that has broad based UU support;
  • Create means through which we may coordinate state congregational justice/advocacy with our national goals;
  • Establish working relationships between UU Voices and UU Justice Making Organizations;
  • Foster the spiritual foundation of justice ministry;
  • Share ideas, resources, materials and tools of education and worship;
  • Share leadership training opportunities;
  • Coordinate enhanced media visibility for UU values;
  • Implement the tools of e‐advocacy, and
  • Build a loving network of support.
Spring Conference: On Earth Day, April 22, 2018, we will meet via teleconference software to review the legislative session and elect officers and board members.

2018 Legislative Session Ends, Switch to Initiatives

See blog posts below for updates on the legislative session and proposed ballot initiatives.